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Bimps was founded in 2012 when the unemployed eight-year-old Thrymhilda Howe found herself the only person in her family not on an electronic device and so made her own, naming it a Bimps product. Soon various other devices were created and became very popular. It wasn't long before Bimps branched out and created cafes, restaurants, courts, road buildings, clothing, puppy cages, stages, spas, hairdressers and yoga classes.

Bimps underwent a huge revamping in 2015 while trying to branch out even further, thus creating the Coffee Committee (2015-present) the Puppy and Mother Outing Club (2015-2015) and the Tea Troup (2015-present).

They also sponser the Howe Gardens and have many quiz nights and art auctions. At the same time, Bimps founder Thrymhilda Howe invented the Thrymp, a currency for the buisness where one Thrymp is equal to one pound.